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  • Opinions and Observations

    Opinions come from a very personal point of view, They portray a judgement I have formed about something or someone which may not necessarily be based on facts or knowledge.

    The opinions of two individuals are usually distinguishable. They might be based on assumptions that lead to changes in them over time.

    However, observations are not opinions. They’re based on facts and knowledge about something you have seen, heard or noticed. Even though everyone has the same set of human eyes, different people look in different directions which leads to discrete observations about the same things.

    Observations can be proven true or false while opinions can’t be proven because they’re based on a person’s judgements and sentiments. These may be deceptive but cannot be categorised as false. “This book has 700 pages” is an observation statement and “This book is too lengthy and boring” is a personal opinion.

  • Same Eyes, Different Directions

    Perspective matters. The way you look at something differs from the way I look at it. You may be able to see something that I can’t see, even if I stare at it for hours. We often assume people to have the same level of knowledge and interest as us in a given subject. However, everyone has their own realities and experiences. This isn’t something bad as it leads to unique conceptions that are valuable.

    These days when I get stuck with something, I force myself to ask someone to review it and give their opinions on it. Insights from others are always helpful as they make us think things from a broader view and realise something new that we wouldn’t think of otherwise.

    Taking other people’s perspective is also significant for building constructive relationships. People respect you more when you show eagerness to understand things from their point of view. Everyone has the same set of eyes, it’s the direction they’re looking at that makes a difference. Usually, there’s no right or wrong it’s only different.