An Empty Cup

“You can’t pour from an Empty Cup. Take care of yourself first” I have a card with these words stuck above my desk and it serves as an extremely important reminder for me each time I look at it. You can only give if you have something, if you don’ can’t. We need to takeContinue reading “An Empty Cup”

Expecting Miracles

I’m definitely one of those people who always anticipates the worst possible situations that can happen. But it’s quite funny because whenever I do so, I tell myself that I’m preparing myself for the worst so it if it actually happens, it doesn’t come out as a shock to me. But that’s not the typeContinue reading “Expecting Miracles”

10 Life Lessons from 2020

Here are ten things this stressful year has taught me : Embracing and Adapting to Change Things don’t always go as planned Taking Things Slow and enjoying the process Quit Pleasing others, being a little selfish sometimes Self Kindness and taking care of myself Overthinking less, going with the flow (It’s okay to not be perfect) FocusingContinue reading “10 Life Lessons from 2020”

What’s special today?

I was just surfing on the internet this morning and discovered, this website tells you what’s special today and I absolutely love such resources which help us find the ‘unique’ part in our day. It tells that today (4th November) is Stress Awareness Day, Use your Common Sense Day, Wobbly Wednesday and lastly Marzipan Week. And,Continue reading “What’s special today?”

Emotional Regulation

Being normal is considered normal, right? But what happens when you’re sad or upset, how do you cope up with those emotions and how do you react to these circumstances is extremely important. Usually, we are ‘in the heat’ and end up being aggressive. Sometimes we aren’t even able to process the thoughts inside ourContinue reading “Emotional Regulation”

Busy or Productive?

I bet you have seen people working for 10-12 hours a day which is definitely exceptional and then we start looking up to these people as “Wow! He is an amazing worker, he works all day.” Yes, they are working all day but that doesn’t mean that they’re productive (they can be though but working forContinue reading “Busy or Productive?”

Embracing Change

Changes are a part of how the world functions, they are inevitable and it is necessary for us to adapt to changes in order to grow. The person who thinks that “It has always been like this and I do not seem to have any problem with it.” would never be able to move aheadContinue reading “Embracing Change”

False sense of Pride

Having a false sense of pride or excessive bogus ego is a highly destructive mindset, it puts you in the mindset of being superior to others when actually you are also just a human being like them. Ego is our soul’s worst enemy, it is not only bad for people around us but also ourContinue reading “False sense of Pride”

Secret Mantras of Happiness

Do you remind yourself regularly about your capabilities, the way you can do wonders with your own hands? Positive affirmations are positive statements or phrases you say out loud to invite positive vibes and challenge the useless and destructing thoughts. They are just like wishful thinking, they have the power to cause a positive changeContinue reading “Secret Mantras of Happiness”