Hello there! My name is Vedant (vedantkhanduja.com). I started my personal website on March 2 2021. With a few previously written articles and a very vague plan, I just started this project where I compile all my writings and learnings on various things that interests me.

The idea of having a public journal and writing my thoughts out had always intrigued me. Especially when you write regularly, your blogs starts to mirror your identity. A lot of the ideas and thoughts I had are now blog posts. I found this advantageous because firstly while writing the articles I had to think deeply about the idea (you chew over it for a long time). Secondly, after they were published, I felt that they received all the attention they needed so now I can leave them behind and have more new ideas and focus on them.


Writing daily is a difficult goal (especially when you already have a lot on your plate). I’ve always struggled with discipline but doing something daily with strictness makes you finer and finer in the skill you’re practicing. Some days I skip writing but I try my best to avoid those days. I always have to remind myself that I’m doing this out of creativity, not compulsion.

Also, by the way, I started everything from scratch. Everything you see right now was written and designed by me and I’m quite pleased with it. Unless, of course if you hate the web-design. I had absolutely nothing to do with it lol. I learnt some cool stuff that I knew nothing about if you asked me two years back.

One of the most common question writers are asked is, “Why do you write?”. The reason I’m writing is to become better at it and train myself to do something consistently. You’re supposed to start with a small piece of information whenever you’re sitting on your computer and explain it in dithering detail. If you do this with strictness, it becomes a part of your routine just like brushing your teeth every morning or going for a walk.

I write for myself and for people who are looking to follow my writing journey. I really don’t care about the stats, likes and the analytics. One of the things I have learnt through blogging is that I can just control the input, the way it performs is completely out of my hands. It all depends on the search engine’s mood which is very unpredictable. I have also disabled the comment section, serious folks are always welcomed to email me and share their thoughts.


I hate is making goals. Long term goals are just not for me. But since it increases the clarity of mind, here are some broad goals that I want to achieve through writing daily notes on this personal website:

(1) Write more often in public – practice leads to progress.
(2) Connect with new people and learn from them, their experiences.
(3) Learn and share, learn and share, learn and share, learn and share..
(4) Worry less about the scrabcbles. Just type away and hit publish.


Every Sunday, I find an intriguing topic and write an email newsletter based on it. We call it the Sunday Clippings. It includes links to thought-provoking things I discovered on the web that week that are worth sharing (books, articles, podcasts, videos). Writing in public hangs on sharing it with people and through this newsletter, I share the new articles and book notes I’ve published during the week. If you want, you can browse through the past issues of the Sunday Clippings before subscribing.

Whenever I read a book, I like to write out the things I’ve learnt from it. I prepare my notes, highlights and summaries in a concise manner and publicize them under the book notes section of my website for anyone interested to read my review or know more about the book. It’s a great way to keep a track of the books I read + people can run their eyes over them to know if the book is worth reading or not.


Feel free to get in touch via email at vedant@vedantkhanduja.com.

It’s nice to talk to people who discovered me through the blog. I’m not very active on social media platforms so the email address works the best. Alternatively, you can fill up the contact form on this website if it’s something short.