When Taking Advice

The thing about advice is that it just tries to make you well informed. In the end, you will have to make the decision yourself.

You don’t get all the details you need, You don’t get it from the people who have the same perspective as you. Advice just tries to hint you towards the right direction. It cannot be used as a strategy.

People are not as transparent as you might want them to be. Everyone is inclined towards their biases that usually don’t get mentioned. They have their own experiences and struggles that also don’t get discussed.

It is important to ask for advice only from the right people who are qualified enough to provide you with accurate information.

Ultimately, it will just make the decision-making process easier. You will have to find the way out yourself.

Ask yourself if the adviser is a reliable source. It is not rude to refuse advice, it’s responsible. History teachers might not be able to give the best explanation on how to solve a math problem. Your grandparents might not be able to tell you the steps to create your social media account.