Seeking Sacrifice

While living in a world of instant gratification and getting things done immediately, seeking sacrifice becomes important. The Society seeks experiences that are meant for instant consumption, related to the current period of time and are subject to urgent action.

All this comes from a place of greed and even though it is satisfying in that very instant, hard work and sacrifice are more satisfying in a long term. All the gratification gets old and forgotten very quickly.

As you might have heard about the story of the Monkey Trap – a monkey puts his hand inside a jar of cookies to grab one. He realises that his hand is now stuck. The cookie is too large, the only way to get his hand out would be to leave the cookie in the jar and sacrifice it.

The monkey doesn’t do this out of greed and instead holds the cookie even more tightly. As a result, the hunters who set up the trap come and catch him. Seeking Sacrifice becomes important to get out of the trap of selfishness and lightning urge, which I’m sure everyone today can relate to.