Describing the block

I recently came across an interesting piece of writing advice from author and essayist Kiese Laymon. In an interview with Literary Hub, he says, “With my head down, like I’m trying to concuss myself. I try to describe the “block” and once it’s described I decide what I need to go through it. Then youContinue reading “Describing the block”

Opinions and Observations

Opinions come from a very personal point of view, They portray a judgement I have formed about something or someone which may not necessarily be based on facts or knowledge. The opinions of two individuals are usually distinguishable. They might be based on assumptions that lead to changes in them over time. However, observations areContinue reading “Opinions and Observations”

Seeking Sacrifice

While living in a world of instant gratification and getting things done immediately, seeking sacrifice becomes important. The Society seeks experiences that are meant for instant consumption, related to the current period of time and are subject to urgent action. All this comes from a place of greed and even though it is satisfying inContinue reading “Seeking Sacrifice”

Good Reasoning

“Sir, you are giving a reason for it; but that will not make it right. You may have a reason why two and two should make five; but they will still make but four.” – Samuel Johnson Reliable reasoning is the building blocks of a strong argument. Not all reasons are good and not allContinue reading “Good Reasoning”

Completed Proverbs

“Opportunity knocks once at every man’s door,” but often makes sure the man is out before knocking. “It takes two to make a quarrel.” How about husband and wife, who are one? “A fool and his money are soon parted,” when the fool has friends. “Whatever man has done man can do” better. “Look beforeContinue reading “Completed Proverbs”

A Good Definition

Definitions have been around for ages. They are more than words describing words. Proper definitions need to be in a certain way for conveying the essence of a term or concept accurately. The process of creating them requires a lot of planning and consideration. A broad definition misses the essential part and a narrow oneContinue reading “A Good Definition”