Old Normal and New Normal

After more than a year of working, studying and socialising from home, the meaning of the word ‘normal’ has changed. Whether you hated it at first or weren’t really tech-savvy, you somehow managed to adapt to it.

Slowly but ultimately the pandemic will end and the meaning of ‘normal’ will change once more. The same individuals who were facing difficulties with the work from home arrangement earlier have now become comfortable with it and don’t want to shift back to offline life again.

There’s also a sense of anxiety associated with it. Meeting people daily again and having a social life isn’t something many people have experienced for a long time. The pandemic has given workers and students a sight of a more comfortable working environment.

But will life ever get back to our ‘old’ normal? – Nobody knows the answer but definitely, the world has changed forever. In the initial stages of post-pandemic life, we’ll be incorporating certain functional aspects of the online world with human interaction to make it work. Humans are highly adaptable beings and have survived several pandemics in the past.

There’s also a bright side to look at. Effective vaccines usually take a decade or more to be developed and circulated. But in this case, it took less than a year for scientists to make the vaccines. It also made people realise the existence of death, the value of being alive and the importance of living at the moment. The definition of normalcy isn’t fixed but the part of it that does remain constant is the human experience.