The Tools Don’t Matter

Tools are everywhere. Every day, several new apps are being developed for you to do the things you want. Even to send a text message or click a selfie, you’ll have a vast variety of apps to choose from. There’s always a variety waiting for you, different types of apples or plants or shoes.

Does the pen I use to write matter? Does my calendar or note-taking app matter? Does the model of my phone or computer matter?

Tools never matter. I wouldn’t be able to write better plays or stories if I had Shakespeare’s quill. Having Elon Musk’s computer wouldn’t make me more productive. It’s just me and my potential that matters.

I like to start with a simple tool and use it for a while. Then later if I’m facing any serious problems, I’ll consider upgrading. I’ll only upgrade if it’s necessary and mostly it isn’t. Amateurs often tend to focus on little details, their platforms, cameras, microphones which stops them from starting or distracts them from doing the actual work.

It’s important to know how to work with what you have. A bad workman blames his tools and uses it as an excuse to hide his faults, it’s not the tools that make you good but rather how you choose to employ them.