Why is Practice so Important?

3,605 sixth graders from 91 different elementary schools were told to read a short test. Then immediately, they had to take a test based on it.

Half of these students were given a practice test based on the same information for one to seven days. After the seventh day, all the students had to sit for a final test based on the same piece of information.

The final test performance for the experimental text was reported separately for the top and bottom thirds of performers on the baseline measure. Overall, taking the practice test had benefited both groups of students. The testing effect appeared to be somewhat larger for higher-ability readers than for lower-ability readers. With approximately 12% to 20%, improvements in accuracy. This separates the learners and memorizers.

The more you chew over the information, the more it gets embedded in your long-term memory. The students who practised more performed better than the ones who practised less or didn’t practice at all.

It takes efforts but eventually, the hard work pays off. The crammed facts might help you pass a test but at last, only the learners who practised it well will have it stored in their brains for years.

Understand → Learn → Practice