The Red Queen Effect

In Through the Looking Glass, the second sequel of the famous novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Alice realizes that she is running as fast as she can but she’s still fixed at the same place. She is constantly trying to run but it has no effect as her surroundings remain stationary relativeContinue reading “The Red Queen Effect”

Practice and Repetition

While listening to the podcast episode on the Tim Ferris Show with Seth Godin as the guest, I made a note of a small piece of practical writing advice Seth gives. He says, “This is easy. Write poorly. Continue writing poorly. Write poorly until it’s not bad anymore and then you’ll have something you canContinue reading “Practice and Repetition”

The Tools Don’t Matter

Tools are everywhere. Every day, several new apps are being developed for you to do the things you want. Even to send a text message or click a selfie, you’ll have a vast variety of apps to choose from. There’s always a variety waiting for you, different types of apples or plants or shoes. DoesContinue reading “The Tools Don’t Matter”

Notes on the Flynn Effect

The Flynn Effect theory suggests that the IQ scores of the general population are rapidly increasing over time. With more researches being conducted, it’s believed that the Flynn Effect has already ended and has gone into reverse. This is an overview with more information to help you understand the Flynn effect theory, some causes andContinue reading “Notes on the Flynn Effect”