Collect, Create, Connect

Yesterday, I published the first issue of my personal email newsletter called the Sunday Clippings. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but could never do it properly with  my capricious self. The only goal I have right now is to write weekly and never skip a single week (even if that means writing a tosh palaver over a random quote). I’m writing this post for anyone out there who is planning to start a newsletter and needs some pointers to begin with.

The key here is to find a structure and stick to it. After doing my completely useless hunt of finding the ideal newsletter structure, I came to know that it doesn’t exist. I brainstormed a few thoughts and formed by own blueprint :

Collect – The last thing I want to be called is a spammer. I don’t want to spam the reader’s with my content excessively. The value decreases when the quantity increases. To have fans, you need to be a fan first. Share a collection of your favorite articles, books, quotes, videos. In your newsletter, include a “weekly recommendations” column with links to these resources for your readers. Share the things that are worth sharing.

Create – This one is pretty obvious. You wrote an article, filmed a video or recorded a podcast, just tell your audience that your content is ready for them to view. It’s something you spent time on and you should not be ashamed to promote it. But make sure to not do it excessively, people seem to get pissed off (as they should) when you spam them with your content alone.

Connect – I’m not a machine, I’m not an organization and neither I want to pretend that I’m one. Be a person (like you are) and connect with people in a simple and unpretentious manner. The advice here is to write as if you’re writing to a friend. People love when they find something relatable, share something that happened to you, a bad experience or your thoughts on something. Be yourself and have fun being yourself.

This is pretty much going to be my new newsletter strategy (with consistency). I don’t want to overthink it, this sounds simple and I’ll stick to this as long as I can. I hope you discovered something helpful here. Start an email newsletter, it’s worth giving a try.