Collect, Create, Connect

Yesterday, I published the first issue of my personal email newsletter called the Sunday Clippings. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but could never do it properly with  my capricious self. The only goal I have right now is to write weekly and never skip a single week (even ifContinue reading “Collect, Create, Connect”

Morning Rituals by Katie Stone

(6/10) A great handbook for people looking to the make most out of their mornings. It is filled with practical rituals that can be customized and adopted in morning routines.

The Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond

(9/10) A classic fiction about a seventeen-year-old orphaned Anglo-Indian boy, Rusty. His experiences with friendship, love and responsibility and his transformation into an adult.

Method of Loci

Have you ever wondered the secret behind Sherlock Holmes’ sterling memory power? How he never seems to lose sight of important facts and connects the dots in almost an unreal manner. Recently, researchers have found the strategy behind his long-lasting memory. It’s based on the “method of loci” which is also known as the memoryContinue reading “Method of Loci”

On Book Summaries

One of the most important things I’ve learnt in 2021 so far is how important it is to write Book notes after you read a book. Our brain is a memory bank but it has its own capacity. When we write summaries of the books we read, we actively put our brain to think what’sContinue reading “On Book Summaries”