Blotted Thoughts

Excessive technology usage impacts your memory bank, the way you think and your ability to remember things. Many thoughts enter your brain, stay for seconds and get lost in the past within seconds.

Looking at this research online, I found that there’s a process called pruning in our brain “which removes neurons that are damaged or degraded to improve the brain’s networking capacity.

This could be affected through all the time using tech.“ 

This is surely a matter of debate but I believe that technology has destroyed our capability to retain creative thoughts and has made humans (in general) less imaginative and innovative. At least the ones who use it excessively. 

One of the things we can’t live without is our phone and we keep it so close to us that the instant we hear the notification sound, our brain gets prompted to open and check what it is.

Around 6,200 thoughts enter a human mind per day,

 a lot of the minor ones aren’t even worth retaining or discussing, 

there are few which were exactly repeated from yesterday, 

there are few which are significant and you wrote them somewhere,

and the rest of them got blotted out in time before we could properly ink, think or examine them. If I can’t remember them, they practically never existed.