Modus Operandi

Lack of enthusiasm leads to laziness which in turn promotes negligence. 

Modus Operandi is your personal way of doing work, when you’re consistent and do things the same way every time.

The rule of  persistency happens to be doing your grind the same manner every day until it becomes a habit that you can’t drop, similar to brushing your teeth or setting the alarm every night. Your unique habits of working is your modus operandi. “The best approach … was to do things through quiet persuasion, which was his modus operandi.”

Being disciplined and holding to the method is powerful because you know specifically what has to be done without wasting additional time on making a plan, processing the new information and then start working. When something is your modus operandi, it comes naturally and becomes more like your characteristic and a smooth-running pattern.

Make a rigorous system that doesn’t change often, a special method that helps you to maintain the regularity and makes you more punctual in everyday life, the modus operandi that’s works and is efficient for you.