There are days when you and I are so engrossed and engaged by the work that we actually ignore the work itself. The value, the purpose, is it even necessary to do it?  Or are we just blindly and instinctively doing it without the sense of direction or the aim?

Think before you act but also think while you’re doing it. It is similar to ‘The Robot Mode’ as robots and machines aimlessly do what they’re told to do but as humans, we need to understand, evaluate, check the prominence and then execute it. Give things a second thought before you concentrate and converge your energy on them.

Also, there’s a difference between rethinking and overthinking which often gets misinterpreted. Re-evaluating is crucial to make the best decisions. However, overthinking is utterly a misuse of time. We re-evaluate the old thoughts in order to bring change with the new opinions in our head and overthinking is speculating the same old knowledge again and again due to restlessness as we fritter away the time.