This is the abbreviation for Fear of Other People’s Opinions. Something that I’m sure you have struggled with too. One of my friend’s WhatsApp status says, “I don’t care about anyone.” and I honestly idolize him for that.

The roots of judgements come from something called The Spotlight Effect. This is a phenomenon when people think that they’re always under a spotlight, everything they do is being noticed and judged by other beings on this planet. You feel like the point of attraction. Furthermore, this leads to the fear and distress of making mistakes and errors as of course, you feel that you’re always under the direct attention and people will notice and criticize you.

But truly, this is all absolute crap. We live in a world full of insecure people. Sometimes, you forget that the people you’re scared of are worried about their lack of self-confidence as well and no one gives a damn about what you’re doing. 

Unless you’re on a stage giving a presentation or dancing in a panda costume, nobody cares about what you’re doing or your flaws. People are worried about their flaws more (just like you). The spotlight is simply a delusion and the fool’s paradise. 

I’ll stand with you and we’ll find a place to hide if you’re scared of ghosts (or zombies!) but you’ll be left alone if you’re intimidated by somebody’s opinion as they do not matter and should be none of your business.  

Be like my friend, do what you want. #NoFOPO