Dithering Devil

Dithering Devil is one of my very own characters and I’m finally so excited to talk about him in the dithering detail. I took the word ‘dither’ which means to swither and change one’s mind and the devil as you know, he’s not the best person.

The Dithering Devil lives inside every human being’s head, he’s the devil of procrastination, laziness, the one who makes you think multiple times before executing every single action, the one who prefers laziness and encourages you to choose the easier road and delay the tasks you want to focus on. He prevents you from reaching your full potential and makes you sit on the fence when you’re supposed to be working. 

And with that being said, he’s also the devil of confusion and brings up the past mistakes and your upsetting memories when you’re finally aiming to start fresh. He’s the villain, the malefactor of every opportunity you’ve missed and because you wasted your time arguing with him, the opportunity slipped from your very own hands. 

I’ve mentioned the Dithering Devil a few times now but here’s the unfortunate news, I’ve not made the white hat who fights him, and to be honest nor I am planning to do so. So who will suppress the Dithering Devil from ruining our lives..*drumroll*? 

It’s you! You’re the white hat. You are the one who has to restrain the Devil of procrastination, confusion and hesitation from affecting you. Maybe with a little force on yourself but you have to oppress him since he is living inside you. Also clearly, the Dithering Devil is immortal. Till the day you live, it’s inside you and even if you’re the most disciplined person on this plant – you would still want to take the easier road and leave things for later. Smash his face and leave him injured if he ever tries to confuse you again.

And also, sometimes it’s fine to take a break and party with the Dithering Devil but ultimately you’re the white hat and you’re the one who should know how to stop him when he’s turning back to the demon he is.