I don’t know if this is already said but the time spent reflecting is the time you invest for a better future. Mistakes will remain mistakes until you realise and accept where you went wrong and improve on them.

With ‘the year’ just passed by, it’s the best time to reflect on what you realised (and then convert them into lessons and goals). A tip I wanted to share with you on realisation to write them in the form of questions like you’re interviewing yourself. Cover the big picture terms when you’re asking yourself such questions.

Questions like – “Why am I studying/ working?” and “What are my values for life?”. Keeping the answers you wrote somewhere safe and coming back to them when you’re unmotivated reminds you of the ultimate things when life seem hopeless and unambitious.

There are definitely more profound lessons we’re learning from life. Reflecting and learning from them helps us to adapt and evolve in some way to be the best versions of ourselves. 2020 was an absolute rollercoaster as it has made us realise so many valuable things, ink them all down before you forget them.

Realise → Reflect → Learn →  Plan.