Capturing Ideas

Ideas are thoughts that spark interest and enthusiasm. The incoming of great ideas is always unexpected, you could get them while you’re working, talking to someone, reading something or even when you’re sitting idle. An idea enters your brain like an express train, they may be incredible but they enter and escape too fast.

Catch the train or let it go. Capturing the ideas as soon as they come is remarkably important if you want to reflect on them later. The method of capturing ideas is normally done using a ‘capturing device’ where you store them. Interestingly, this capturing device depends entirely on what you prefer. 

You could do it in a notebook or diary (like myself) or on the notes app of your phone. A simple text document on your computer or an email to yourself. I also find taking screen-shots of interesting things useful..this way I can come back to them and find more about them when I’m bored or free.

Having a clear and dedicated capturing system and storing your ideas as soon as they come is necessary. If you’re slothful, there are high chances that you’ll forget them as your brain is juggling with several thoughts and the brand new one (the idea) will probably get mixed  with them and be forgotten.

Beat the dithering devil and capture your ideas the second they pop-up. If you wait, you lose them!