The Daily Blog of Harley The Dog

(7/10) A great fun read about human Jodie’s adopted pitbull who blogs her life. The book is short, cheerful and good-humoured. If you’re an animal lover, this book is for you. 

Blotted Thoughts

Excessive technology usage impacts your memory bank, the way you think and your ability to remember things. Many thoughts enter your brain, stay for seconds and get lost in the past within seconds. Looking at this research online, I found that there’s a process called pruning in our brain “which removes neurons that are damaged or degraded to improveContinue reading “Blotted Thoughts”

Good Day

My Quote of the Day for today says, It’s a good day to have a good day, Vedant. Something I noticed was how they used the word “good” instead of “great”. Expecting yourself to achieve the highest standards is unrealistic. Sometimes a satisfactory and meaningful day is enough. So to begin with, what makes aContinue reading “Good Day”

Dead Beat

The state of extreme exhaustion when you do things without using your brains. When it feels like your head is merely juggling with loads of thoughts and responsibilities but all of them appear to be useless and futile. When your brain has a dull pain and it feels like someone is banging and striking itContinue reading “Dead Beat”

Modus Operandi

Lack of enthusiasm leads to laziness which in turn promotes negligence.  Modus Operandi is your personal way of doing work, when you’re consistent and do things the same way every time. The rule of  persistency happens to be doing your grind the same manner every day until it becomes a habit that you can’t drop,Continue reading “Modus Operandi”


There are days when you and I are so engrossed and engaged by the work that we actually ignore the work itself. The value, the purpose, is it even necessary to do it?  Or are we just blindly and instinctively doing it without the sense of direction or the aim? Think before you act butContinue reading “ReThink”

Wayback Machine

I am late at discovering the Wayback Machine, a really helpful tool. It has been running since 2001 by the Internet Archive, a non-profit library and lets us go “back in time” and see how websites looked in the past. It absolutely intrigues me to see how my favourite parts of the internet looked when theyContinue reading “Wayback Machine”


Fear of Other People’s Opinions. Something that I’m sure everyone has struggled with at some point in their lives. The roots of judgements come from something called The Spotlight Effect. This is a phenomenon when people think that they’re always under a spotlight, everything they do is being noticed and judged by other beings on thisContinue reading “FOPO”


The outlook affects the outcome. The way you’re thinking about something affects the way you do it. A tired and fatigued brain does crap while the energetic one is more dynamic, takes less time plus makes you satisfied with the outcome. Even though hacks are all passed on, one piece of advice is to revisitContinue reading “Outlook”

Dithering Devil

Dithering Devil is one of my very own characters and I’m finally so excited to talk about him in the dithering detail. I took the word ‘dither’ which means to swither and change one’s mind and the devil as you know, he’s not the best person. The Dithering Devil lives inside every human being’s head,Continue reading “Dithering Devil”