Tick Tock

Today, 29th December every year is noted as The Tick Tock day. The time is finally ticking. With just two days left for this year to get over, It’s the day to wrap up and get all the small unfinished businesses fished and commence the brand New Year with a clear head and no worries. If you have the, “I wanted to start this year with a new vibe” type of personality, this day is simply for you. Pre-plan the dream year in these two days so you know exactly what to do on January 1.

One way to celebrate the Tick Tock Day is to reflect on the year that just passed and make goals for the one about to come. This practice makes you organized and prepared for facing the new challenges you’re going to face. Plan it now to get rid of your unhealthy habits in 2021. If you’re a resolutions person, you should get them prepared and if you’re someone who uses a yearly planner like me, buy it soon. Time is a precious resource and the Tick Tock Day allows us to start fresh and fly over the past without any worries. 

I encourage you to spend fifteen minutes today evening making a list of all your incomplete tasks and working to get them crossed off from the list by 31st December. Are you equipped to face the New Year? The time is ticking…