Finding Balance

Finding balance is one of the most important yet one of the toughest thing in life. Obviously, as human beings, everyone is burdened by weights of multiple responsibilities. As a student, education is my most significant responsibility at the moment but is that all I should be doing?

Social media has definitely been a hurdle between me and my full productivity. There are different sides to every person, maybe a spiritual one, work mode, time with friends and family.

Balance is the ability to divide your time between all of these modes, not equally but more towards what’s the priority.

Finding balance is not only required for time management and making a schedule but it’s also essential for our brain and body. 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This new year, one of my five resolutions is to quit social media or at least minimize it to a degree at which it doesn’t affect my education.

I’ll be doing this by permanently deleting my social media accounts and although a part of me would be affected, I genuinely want this change to happen. I want inking my thoughts here to become a piece of my daily life alongside my education. 

And I’ll try my best to balance them with spending the downtime on ‘actual break activities’ such as having chats with my friends and family more often.

A break as something that helps me relax after hard work and social media definitely is definitely not an ideal ‘break’.