There’s always some kind of uncertainty and anxiety that shows up making people upset. Even when these things aren’t that huge, there can be stress and tension when you’re doubtful.

In such situations, one of the things that genuinely help is someone assuring you that things will get all right and you need to stop worrying. The problems you’re stressing about could be the silliest but reassurance provides you with a sense of support and confirmation everyone needs.  

When you use reassuring expressions like “You’ll be fine” or “I am there for you”, they prove to be more helpful than “Don’t worry” or “Take it easy”.

And by using the phrase “no problem”, you’re reassuring someone that helping them didn’t bother or trouble you and hence, they’re invited to receive your help again in the future. 

Be there for someone when they need you, listen to them and talk to them because reassurance does hold the ability to bring some weight down a person’s shoulders and if you can do that, you definitely should.