Just Start It.

Nike says, “Just do it” but how do you expect me to do it when I haven’t even started it yet. In fact, the first step of doing anything is – starting it.

This year more than ever, I’ve found that beginning to do things is more difficult than actually doing them. It feels like when I start a thing, I enter the ‘do not disturb me zone’ and the mindset changes to just getting it crossed off from my to-do lis. Once I start it, it becomes my primary focus until I complete it.

But if you haven’t started it yet, you have the Dithering Devil, as I like to call him controlling your brain. You’re lazy and slothful and doubt between getting it done or leaping it.  You give yourself the choice between the easier option (to give up) and doing it (which is assumed as the harder one by our brain as of course, it involves work). 

This is the reason why we work much better when there are deadlines. You can give me five years to do an assignment but I’ll just start doing it five hours before the deadline time. One of the things I seriously need to improve on is starting the task because each time I postpone or delay a task just because I didn’t want to start it, I feel like I’m taking a step backwards due to my lazy self.

One of the ways was to beat this type of mindset is to promise yourself to do something just for ten minutes. Once you begin doing it, you realise how easy it is and you stretch those ten minutes and gets it crossed off until it’s done.

This post is a reminder for Nike to update their moto and a reminder for you to just start the things you’re putting off. The commencement often plays a more intricate role than the execution itself.