The Idea of being ‘Liked’

Here’s an absorbing Reddit discussion on the subject “Stop Trying to be liked by everybody, you don’t even like everybody”. It is so interesting to see people having different views about ‘being liked or disliked’.

Some believe that if they take in criticism, they get to know where they are going wrong and a vast majority of people accept that being liked by others is not important if you truly believe in yourself and trust in your abilities.

kittysaysdoit says, “liking, disliking—it’s all fleeting. All that you have ever liked or disliked is a judgement from the past which is no longer. Constantly experience things in the now without holding on to like/dislike labels and there will be more vibrant ways to experience people.”

And the most popular comment which was by MichaelEmouse said, “One thing that helped me: If you wouldn’t seek advice from someone, why would you care about their criticism?”

In my opinion, it is none of your business to overthink about what other people are thinking about you, including appreciation. If you think you’re doing well, you probably are and the only thing that should matter is how you see others. If you think about someone negatively, it’s your fault and if someone else thinks wrong about you, you shouldn’t let it enter your head.