You have changed

Recently, I shared a popular short story called, “Potato, egg and coffee beans”. It’s a short, inspirational one about dealing with change. I feel that every reader learns something different from a story. This post is on the moral I derived from this story.

When I read it, the first thing that came in my mind was ‘change’ and then of course, the pandemic we’re going through. A lot has changed with the pandemic. It feels like by the time all this gets over, the people we’ll be meeting are going to be completely transformed from the ones we met before the pandemic. There’s going to be a lot of personality change.

John’s father asked him to touch the three things before and after boiling and describe them, tell about how they feel when he touches them. The surprising thing here was that John had a complete different answer while he was examining them the second time (after they has been boiled)

 The dense potato has become soft, the hard egg turned very stiff, and the coffee beans have changed their form completely during their testing time in the boiling water.

Circumstances, especially the obstructing ones change you and so does time. Forcing change, the boiling water represented the hardships and the challenges of life. These challenges are inevitable and are a necessary part of life, everyone is going through them and everyone tackles them in their own special ways. The fact that every object had changed differently demonstrates how different and unique we are.

Some people like the solid potato loose their skin (an unnecessary part) and come out to be stiff outside but weak by heart, they’ve learnt something from the challenges which has made an enduring effect on them and it’s a part of who they’re now.

The egg has a completely different personality now, mega-completely! Earlier being hard from out carrying the liquid inside, it’s powerful both inside and outside now. It has learnt to be brave, not letting the testing times weaken it in any form but rather, it uses them as a medium. And the coffee beans change their shape fully too and they even made a difference in the place where they were boiling. They are the happy ones, the optimistic group that looks great by it’s own and has the power to turn something dull into a brighter and better environment.

Thinking deeply about this inspirational story, you can easily visualise three individuals going through life and emerging out in their own unique ways. After this pandemic, we’ll be noticing a tremendous personality transformation in people we meet regularly, and so will they in us. This should be considered a part of life. Saying, You have changed is often taken in a negative sense, as if you’ve become worse which is untrue because we all are changing and developing in someway each day. The changes (good or bad) prepare us for the better things in future. The hardships are always there, they change you and you emerge out as something new and different. You gain experience and you learn from change.