Self-criticism is the worst thing you could do in 2020. Criticising yourself and emphasizing your weaknesses sounds ambitious since you may think that it helps you to grow, but does it really? I’ve always believed that no one is perfect and the fact that everybody is special in their own way. I know you’ve already heard this but it does make sense.

If you imagine yourself being inferior or poor at something, your brain starts assuming and acknowledging it. What you think is what you become! If you start thinking that you suck at maths, you’ll probably start disliking maths and becoming weaker at it even if you could improve with some extra classes. Self-criticism makes you lose your self-confidence and self-esteem, the two qualities extremely necessary for growth.

I do buy the concept of ‘voices in our head’ and sometimes it just feels like you’re talking to yourself – or self-talk as we like to call it. Talk to yourself like you’re talking to a friend, would you really like to criticize and discourage a friend like you do to yourself? Negative self-talk is an enemy to our brain, and criticizing yourself is as cruel as criticizing others. We often blame ourselves for petty things when we’re worried and anxious or sometimes just for humour. Believing that being harsh on yourself will improve your performance is an incorrect mindset.

If you genuinely think that you require improvement in something, you should keep yourself motivated and constructively improve rather than highlighting the flaws and depreciating yourself. The next time you feel like criticizing yourself, ink down your thoughts as when you put things out on paper, you go through them multiple times..a bit deeply and you come to know them thoroughly before you exaggerate them further.  

Treat yourself as a human being and be kind to yourself. Try to perceive these challenges as ‘delightfully difficult’ creating opportunities out of them.