Laughing is one of the best forms of expressing happiness. You start becoming out of breath and even have some tears flowing out of your eyes (but not the sad ones).

Laughter hysterically releases endorphins which makes you feel wonderful and it removes stress (maybe temporarily) and according to Science Daily, it also helps to strengthen your bond with other people.  

Laughter has always been the best medicine, both for your body and your mood. We should take advantage of humour and spend more time laughing. Just smile at a stranger and you’ll see a smile coming back to you.

It is incredibly important to laugh if you want to maintain a positive mindset. Doesn’t matter if you chuckle, giggle or cackle, laughter is just about feeling wondrous and joyful.

The face with tears of joy is the most used emoji in the word which signifies that even though there are loads of other things in the world (all other emojis), happiness is one of the most important out of them.

You should laugh because :

It reduces Heart Diseases, improves Breathing, burns calories, helps you lose weight, gives you good sleep, makes you look young..

And you should laugh because there’s completely no reason for saying no to humour.

Simply watch a funny movie, scroll through memes on the internet, some funny dog / cat videos or crack some jokes with your friends.

Life may have sadness and depression but the only way to beat that is being cheerful. Get a smile on your face, blast with “hahahahah”,  stop wasting your days on despair and start lightening them up with laughter.