Being consistent

Being consistent is one of the most significant things about Daily Blogging. To call yourself a daily blogger, you have to make your brain operate in a way to find something fascinating to write each day, build up your thoughts on that topic and then ink them out (which is usually one of the simplest steps)

But even though it sounds so easy, there are some hardships you face while blogging daily. Somedays you just don’t feel like writing and the other days you seem to have nothing special to write about. Such thoughts bring up the ‘Dithering Devil’ who starts compelling you to give up. A lot of people start a blog, write five posts and expect some magic to happen. To be a successful blogger, both quality and quantity should be given equal roles. You need to write quality content that is valuable to people and at the same time, you need to be regular with posting new articles. Hard work + Consistency = Success.