Art of Saying No

Saying No is something no one likes to do, it always seems like you’re deceiving the other person when you speak out this simple two-letter word.

When you say yes for things you disagree about, you’re being untruthful to yourself as well as to the other person..just to avoid the short term pain of disappointing them and postponing it for some time.

You’re wasting your time, confusing yourself, holding to useless things and heading towards the direction you never wanted to.

A “no” doesn’t make it unkind or rude but it shows that you have a clear head and you know how to set your priorities.

It’s extremely important to think thoroughly before choosing between Yes and No. 

“Maybe” is the word of confusion and should always be avoided. When you use maybe, you acknowledge the fact that you aren’t sure about the thing you’re responding to.

It leaves things grey and if you’re a person who believes in transparency, a No is always better than maybe.

People who know you well will probably understand your circumstances and not loathe you for saying a no.

It is you, who should have the courage to decline it.

No excuses, no explanations, just No.