A Dare

Each day, give yourself a challenge, a mission, a dare to accomplish.

This can be anything you have been procrastinating about, something you have been delaying and hesitating to do.

Dare yourself to not give up and do the things you hate doing.

Turning work into play is always the best option because you realise that some things just have to be done even if you don’t wish to do them. 

When you challenge yourself to do better than last time, you become more powerful. It has always been about competing with yourself.

If you don’t feel like doing your assignment, dare yourself to do it.

If you think that you are getting addicted to social media, dare yourself to delete these apps for five days.

If you don’t want to exercise, dare yourself to go and exercise.

Push yourself to fulfil these challenges like a game and you’ll undoubtedly end up achieving them all.