January, February, quarantine & December.

Hat tip to an Instagram meme I noticed and reposted a few days back which said, “January, February, quarantine, December” and honestly speaking, I could not agree more to this order. And now as 2020 is ending, I feel that we can openly talk and share our thoughts about how this year went for us, what problems we faced, how we overcame them and basically our general opinion regarding this global pandemic.

This year has so far been the Laziest Year of My Life. Lying on the bed for entire days, sleeping a lot more than required, putting off things, missing a maths exam just because I couldn’t wake up on time, and all this was accompanied by the excessive procrastination which contributed in making me the most slothful version of myself.

It’s been like a roller coaster ride which no one asked for..But at the same time, I’m so glad that the situations didn’t become more damaging for me and about the fact that I’m able to make it this far.

Moreover, I liked that even though there were so many things we couldn’t do and a vast number of problems, things didn’t stop. We had always seemed to have discovered the solutions (or alternatives) to these problems. Being confined indoors has taught us that there are greater things in life than work and business, it has made us realise the value of our unappreciated assets such as food, water, shelter, education, jobs and people!