My Thoughts on Daily Blogging

Daily Blogging is a truly one of the interesting things that came with the internet, it was at its peak during the early 2000s but to this date, it’s still not dead and rather is somehow thriving. 

There are many writers out there who have been inking a part of their soul from years on a regular routine and I’m planning to do the same. Because it’s not about gaining subscribers but simply about sitting down everyday for fifteen minutes and thinking about something deeply, putting your brain on work to reflect and finding out the most story-worthy thing you can write. 

Writing itself is something that becomes better with practice. If you write as a habit, you improve your skills and grow. Daily Blogging makes you disciplined and certainly changes your life. Also, doesn’t it feel amazing when you read something you wrote a year or six months back? 

Fifteen minutes a day is not that hard, is it? But being true to yourself is very important, no one cares if I skip posting an article one day but it does ruin my account.  

Also, SEO experts like Neil Patel say that Google prefers really long posts (3000 words+) and displays them over the shorter ones but hey, I am not writing for SEO, blogging is something I’m doing for myself and is someone reads them, it’s great. If no one reads them, it’s still fine.

In my case, the hardest part is to start writing, when I sit down with my computer and the ‘post page’ open, the ideas just seem to just keep flowing out. Writing is the simplest, starting to write is the most difficult. 

However, I am sure that with time, it’ll be incorporated in my system and most probably, I’ll be able to write down my thoughts and ideas here every day from today. Wish me luck!