“I admit, I was wrong.”

These five simple words are greatly strong and impactful. Everyone makes mistakes and being incorrect is normal, however always covering your mistakes is wrong. No one is ever expected to be perfect, but being humble is always possible and appreciated. It truly takes courage to acknowledge and admit your mistakes but at the same time,Continue reading ““I admit, I was wrong.””

Finding Balance

Finding balance is one of the most important yet one of the toughest thing in life. Obviously, as human beings, everyone is burdened by weights of multiple responsibilities. As a student, education is my most significant responsibility at the moment but is that all I should be doing? Social media has definitely been a hurdleContinue reading “Finding Balance”

The Garden of my Mind

Here’s a wonderful concept by Jake Woodard  : “Imagine your mind like a garden and your thoughts are the seeds.  You get to choose what seeds you plant in it.  You can plant seeds of positivity, love, and abundance.  Or you can plant seeds of negativity, fear, and lack.  You can also spend time trying to takeContinue reading “The Garden of my Mind”

Should-ing yourself

The wiki dictionary describes this as “The cognitive distortion of making statements of what should be true, as opposed to reality.” The habit of using the word ‘should’ repeatedly is known as should-ing. Should-ing is a very unhealthy mindset to have because you’re always concentrating on what ‘has’ to be real furthermore you often start blaming yourselfContinue reading “Should-ing yourself”


There’s always some kind of uncertainty and anxiety that shows up making people upset. Even when these things aren’t that huge, there can be stress and tension when you’re doubtful. In such situations, one of the things that genuinely help is someone assuring you that things will get all right and you need to stopContinue reading “Reassurance”

Just Start It.

Nike says, “Just do it” but how do you expect me to do it when I haven’t even started it yet. In fact, the first step of doing anything is – starting it. This year more than ever, I’ve found that beginning to do things is more difficult than actually doing them. It feels likeContinue reading “Just Start It.”

The Idea of being ‘Liked’

Here’s an absorbing Reddit discussion on the subject “Stop Trying to be liked by everybody, you don’t even like everybody”. It is so interesting to see people having different views about ‘being liked or disliked’. Some believe that if they take in criticism, they get to know where they are going wrong and a vast majority of peopleContinue reading “The Idea of being ‘Liked’”

You have changed

Recently, I shared a popular short story called, “Potato, egg and coffee beans”. It’s a short, inspirational one about dealing with change. I feel that every reader learns something different from a story. This post is on the moral I derived from this story. When I read it, the first thing that came in my mindContinue reading “You have changed”


Self-criticism is the worst thing you could do in 2020. Criticising yourself and emphasizing your weaknesses sounds ambitious since you may think that it helps you to grow, but does it really? I’ve always believed that no one is perfect and the fact that everybody is special in their own way. I know you’ve alreadyContinue reading “Self-Criticism”