Damp Squib

You worked pretty hard for a client presentation at your workspace or a school exam. It went amazing, you were satisfied with your performance and everything was just perfect. And suddenly someone comes and informs you that you’re fired or you failed the test! You were expecting the best and turns out you were just in disillusionment. It’s an anti-climax, isn’t it?

Now, at this point, it’s very important to know how to deal with disappointments. Being sad, discouraged and depressed isn’t bad. You need to accept your emotions and mental state you’re in. You are sad and that’s normal, acknowledge that. Anyone would feel hopeless and stressed in this situation. Some would even start doubting themselves, “Where did I make the mistake?”. We usually are steered towards the state of hopelessness and self-doubt but mistakes are made to learn and improve, right? Nothing is perfect but you can always make progress, learn, grow and develop. Improving so you don’t make the same mistakes in future is the only option you have, try to change your attitude and take these challenges in an optimistic way. Furthermore, the final option is always to let it go. Damp squibs are unfortunate but some things can’t be changed and it’s better to move forward rather than clinging to them and wasting your time and energy.