Expecting Miracles

I’m definitely one of those people who always anticipates the worst possible situations that can happen. But it’s quite funny because whenever I do so, I tell myself that I’m preparing myself for the worst so it if it actually happens, it doesn’t come out as a shock to me. But that’s not the type of mindset we should be having, right?..when we think that something bad is going to happen to us, we actively put ourselves in the fear and anxiety of dealing with it. We make ourselves imagine things that may not necessarily come true but if we aren’t totally sure about it then why do we take the unnecessary stress?

I may be wrong but the people who emit positive vibes never think about the future in a negative sense. They enjoy today to the fullest while finding the good in it and are ready to face the tomorrow with a positive mindset expecting things to go better. Sometimes, they may be wrong with their assumptions but at least they are happy looking forward to a positive tomorrow without predicting much. They don’t take the unnecessary burden on themselves. 

So like them,  let’s stop assuming ourselves in negative circumstances and start believing that the best is yet to come because anything is possible, even miracles!