What’s special today?

I was just surfing on the internet this morning and discovered www.daysoftheyear.com, this website tells you what’s special today and I absolutely love such resources which help us find the ‘unique’ part in our day.

It tells that today (4th November) is Stress Awareness Day, Use your Common Sense Day, Wobbly Wednesday and lastly Marzipan Week.

And, I was just wondering that wouldn’t it be great if I talk to you about one of these things sometimes as it’s special, right? These days just come once every year and I would have to wait for full 365 days if I decide to write about them but why not today, on the perfect day? So today being the Stress Awareness Day, here are my thoughts about Stress..

Stress is one of the biggest things I have struggled with and am still struggling, it’s something that gives me heightened anxiety and a pressure to perform better but for me it’s not that way. I know that people perform ‘better’ in pressure but I loose my focus and do the opposite when I am stressed, I would just do nothing if I can’t do my best which is I know, a dangerous mindset and I am working on it. I know that it’s easy to say “Just remove stress from your life” but you don’t know how hard it is to remove stress (especially for the perfectionists like me).

But today I invite you to not kill yourself under the pressure of stress, and rather kill the stress from your life and I am not just saying mere words but I want you to take some time out and think about the things you’re worried about. Thinking, pondering and self reflecting makes you realize how  less of a burden they were and how you were just exaggerating about them.