Damp Squib

You worked pretty hard for a client presentation at your workspace or a school exam. It went amazing, you were satisfied with your performance and everything was just perfect. And suddenly someone comes and informs you that you’re fired or you failed the test! You were expecting the best and turns out you were justContinue reading “Damp Squib”

An Empty Cup

“You can’t pour from an Empty Cup. Take care of yourself first” I have a card with these words stuck above my desk and it serves as an extremely important reminder for me each time I look at it. You can only give if you have something, if you don’t..you can’t. We need to takeContinue reading “An Empty Cup”

Expecting Miracles

I’m definitely one of those people who always anticipates the worst possible situations that can happen. But it’s quite funny because whenever I do so, I tell myself that I’m preparing myself for the worst so it if it actually happens, it doesn’t come out as a shock to me. But that’s not the typeContinue reading “Expecting Miracles”

10 Life Lessons from 2020

Here are ten things this stressful year has taught me : Embracing and Adapting to Change Things don’t always go as planned Taking Things Slow and enjoying the process Quit Pleasing others, being a little selfish sometimes Self Kindness and taking care of myself Overthinking less, going with the flow (It’s okay to not be perfect) FocusingContinue reading “10 Life Lessons from 2020”

What’s special today?

I was just surfing on the internet this morning and discovered www.daysoftheyear.com, this website tells you what’s special today and I absolutely love such resources which help us find the ‘unique’ part in our day. It tells that today (4th November) is Stress Awareness Day, Use your Common Sense Day, Wobbly Wednesday and lastly Marzipan Week. And,Continue reading “What’s special today?”