Emotional Regulation

Being normal is considered normal, right? But what happens when you’re sad or upset, how do you cope up with those emotions and how do you react to these circumstances is extremely important. Usually, we are ‘in the heat’ and end up being aggressive. Sometimes we aren’t even able to process the thoughts inside our mind. Everything you do is an immediate response and you’re probably doing it without thinking (at all).

In these situations, we need the cognitive skills to actually thoroughly understand what’s happening, processing in our mind what we’re going to do and then only- start to act. If any of these 3 processes is missed, it can lead to becoming super mad, sad and even physical aggression sometimes. So what is Emotional regulation? Emotional regulation is the ability to understand and think before doing something. It is when you’re not going in the heat and knowing about the consequences of your actions.

Achieving emotional regulation is not an easy task because anger is erratic and you don’t know what you could do. Talking to friends when you’re feeling low, our writing your thoughts down, taking a walk and moving your body or meditating regularly helps you to cope with your emotions and thinking before acting. Bottling your emotions is the worst and intensely bad for our mental health. Always remember that your emotions are temporary and will eventually pass out but don’t make a permanent decision on something so temporary, reflect before you respond.