Embracing Change

Changes are a part of how the world functions, they are inevitable and it is necessary for us to adapt to changes in order to grow. The person who thinks that “It has always been like this and I do not seem to have any problem with it.” would never be able to move ahead in life, it is a dangerous attitude because moving on is a part of this journey and great things never come from our comfort zones.

We can learn so much from the environment and the mother nature we live around, just like the flower survives the rain and learns to grow and for instance the beautiful seasons come and go, life isn’t stable and how you’re living right now is not permanent. Autumn- my favourite season is the best example of this, the trees accept the fact that it’s time to let their leaves leave for good which results to spring, the most beautiful time of the year. Stop holding yourself back and resisting change. We must learn to grow, evolve and embrace changes together!