False sense of Pride

Having a false sense of pride or excessive bogus ego is a highly destructive mindset, it puts you in the mindset of being superior to others when actually you are also just a human being like them. Ego is our soul’s worst enemy, it is not only bad for people around us but also our own mental health and attitude. It works against us and pushes us into fear and scarcity. 

The only way to grow is to improve and fix your mistakes. When someone corrects you, you should take it in a constructive way and work to improve yourself rather than going against the other person. Apologizing when you’re genuinely wrong doesn’t make you weak, but it shows that you are a humble human being who values relationships more than excessive false ego. Arrogant people also try to dominate others showing their supremacy which is the worst. We should appreciate others when they’re setting good examples and motivate them to do their best rather than bring them down. Look closely at yourself, clear out the false sense of pride and spend your time on love, happiness and abundance.