Main Character Energy

Do you ever get the feeling of the world revolving around you? Everything happening concerning you and you being the main focus of everything. Are you having a purpose to live and a mission to accomplish? Just like in movies, books, TV shows, experiencing to be the main character sounds incredible, right? The idea of being the main character also makes you perceive things as if they are under your control and you start thinking that if your life was a movie, you would be the central protagonist of it.

But seldom, we likewise feel like the side character which is something everyone experiences and it is absolutely normal to feel like the sidekick sometimes. Figuring out where you belong in your life can be hard but if you do the things you love and create what you’re inner-self wants, you would always be the main character of your own life. Life is full of stress, surprises, pressure and problems. It’s all about if you believe in yourself or not. If you do, the whole story is about you and you are the main character. You are the designer of your own happiness and everybody else is just a visitor.