Sunday Mornings

What you do on your Sunday morning tells a lot about your personality, mostly because you have been given a free period of time and it solely depends on you how you plan to use it.

Whether you choose to sleep in or wake up early, use your Sunday mornings to plan the upcoming week or binge watch Netflix all day.

We often forget to give our mind and body some rest, after all, isn’t it Sunday? And Sunday mornings are meant to relax, right?

You are productive and on the top of your work the whole week which is the reason you need to give the Sunday mornings to yourself.

Take some personal quiet time to meditate or just breathe, go for a walk and move your body for at least thirty minutes, watch a show you love or read a new book!

These small habits will change your life. Relax and enjoy, forgetting life for some time because self-care should not be about helping you be productive again but it should be a reminder that you are more important than productivity.