‘Enough’ is a feast.

“Enough is a feast.” is a Buddhist proverb I discovered last year and it since then, it has just stuck at the back of my mind. Gratitude is an essential value to have. Showing appreciation towards others and feeling thankful for what you have helps you to acknowledge how beautiful your life is and makes you feel lucky about it. We often forget the little teeny-tiny things which make our lives better each day and often take them for granted. 

The person who does not enjoy these little things would not be able to show appreciation or have a positive mindset towards the bigger things. When you’re truly grateful, your brain clears out all the negative thoughts, stress, anxiety and helps you feel happier and calm.

Being grateful is one of the simplest yet most powerful things we can do as humans. But it’s a choice, you can start your day with recalling the three things you’re genuinely grateful for that particular day (or write them down in a notepad as I do). This helps your brain to focus on the optimistic side and increases the feelings of abundance. You could be grateful for the most basic imaginable things like the clean air, healthy food, incredible teachers or the chirping of birds and undergo the same positive emotions and calmness.

You should be thankful for what you have because it might seem like it’s the worst but it’s always a feast for some other human being !