Not Perfect

We know how hard 2020 has been and we need to stop hoping that things will go perfectly. Quitting perfectionism has become extremely important these days as everything is going out of the place and in a completely different direction than that of the ‘plans’ we mad.

I wish we had a forward button which would help us to just skip these hard times and make our lives normal again but unfortunately, we can’t do that!

We must learn how to adapt to these situations and do the best in our capabilities but if you’re precise, you start setting unrealistic standards which won’t necessarily go the way you want.

Being highly critical just leads to procrastination which then leads you to develop the fear of failure.

If you’re a perfectionist, this year is just not for you. Sometimes it’s better to be average than having high standards and false expectations.

Allow yourself to do something imperfectly but enjoy the process of doing it. Give your brain the rest it deserves and practice self-compassion.

Do things from your soul instead of always the mind, be involved in what you’re doing and stop hiding or correcting every single mistake.

Because after all, life is imperfect and so are you.