Evaluate your Life

Today, 19th October is observed as National Evaluate your Life Day, it’s the day of the year when you have to pause and self-evaluate.

Reflecting on your past bad decisions and how you can use that experience to make positive changes in the future is extremely important.

Whether in terms of lifestyle, career, education, relationships or values, sit back and think about what you have achieved in the past and ask yourself if you are satisfied with how life is going.

A goal without a plan is always a wish. To accomplish your goals, you need to know the areas where you are lacking and how you can improve in them deriving the most out of your life.

Today is the day to take out an hour in the evening and sit with a cup of tea in a calm corner and imagine where you plan yourself to be in the future, plan your goals out on a piece of paper and divide them into short term and the long term goals later.

It is the time to take a step back and reflect, become self-aware, make plans about dealing with challenges and most importantly know yourself better, your capabilities and your worth. 

Evaluating yourself helps you to turn your past into a weapon for the future.