Slow and Steady

Pause right now and think about how much pressure you put on yourself to get things done. We all know how stressful this year has been but we still expect ourselves to be normal. Overestimating your power isn’t what you should be doing. Praise and appreciate where you are right now. Be consistent with your work giving less importance to the speed, a step forward is still forward even if you take two days to complete that little step.

We all are striving to reach a destination, a finish line where we want us to set a foot on and each day we’re working hard, trying our best to finish that long term goal as soon as possible. But what we do forget is the journey! It’s not about how soon you will reach there but the process of reaching there, are you enjoying the process? Take it slow and cherish each moment. Pause life and live in the moment, pay attention to where your life is right now. 

You don’t know how the future will look like but you can rule and change the present, you can enjoy what you’re doing today while working for where you want to be tomorrow.