Cultivating Kindness

I think that we all can agree that nobody loses by giving, no one has ever become poor by offering.

As human beings, our minds are constantly being polluted by the selfish devil who lives inside, he asks you to become self-centred and thoughtless and care just about yourself ignoring the other people around you.

He tells you to feel happy that nothing is happening to you and develop an insensitive nature.

Ask yourself right now, what act of kindness have I done today/yesterday or even this whole week? 

Being selfless isn’t exceptional, it’s a part of how a human being should be! Giving others more of your time and energy and giving out joy is a gift everyone can afford.

I highly recommend to take a sheet of paper and each day before going to bed, write down just one act of kindness you did and slowly it will turn into a habit.

Consciously remind yourself daily that you need to be show compassion and affection to the people around you.

And remember not to consider it as a transaction, don’t think if or how you will be repaid because then you’re doing it for your own motive, not for others.

Be the person who makes others feel included and remember that kindness always matters.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Karma is real.