Delightfully Difficult

That’s it, delightfully difficult.

Two words which are totally opposite from each other, delightful (pleasant, causing delight) and difficult (hardships, problems) but today I wanted you to invite you to take your difficulties in a delightful way.

This oxymoron is all about your perception towards things that matters in how you deal with it.

While being positive may not give you an instant knowledge boost or get your work done in an unrealistic amount of time.

It changes how you interpret the problem and does affect the way you tackle it.

The way you approach them is important as your brain puts a ‘label’ on things, some are labelled as simple and the others as difficult. Some are labelled as ‘enjoyable’ and the others are ‘boring’.

Now you have to be the master of labelling, you have to label even the hardest thing as delightfully difficult. It’s difficult but I’m going to handle it delightfully. Why? Becuase it’s fun.

Also, an important thing to remember here is that obscurities can be easily overcome with an optimistic attitude but not with blind eyes solely dependent on confidence. 

You have to be practical, cheerful and give your best attempt to turn your tasks to delightfully difficult and relish the process while tackling them.