Thief Of Joy

There are many thieves of Joy and one of them is maintaining a social media account.

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat .. all included.

The life portrayed of the internet is nothing like the reality, it’s just a compilation of the best or even a little bit fake type of life.

This brings serious mental health dilemmas in some brains, “Am I not good enough? He has a perfect life, mine sucks!”

Seeing other people enjoying (or pretending to enjoy) makes you question yourself and fall into the trap. And these thoughts are self-destructing because you don’t know the story behind it. 

Comparison has always been a thief of joy and social media makes it easier to compare. It’s simple, my account versus yours. It makes you participate in a never-ending race that practically doesn’t exist.

The feeling of you being inferior or someone being superior than you is extremely devastating for the mental and emotional health of a human being.

It takes out everything from you – the amusement, the joy goes away when you compare and it becomes all about being better, not happier.